A Fresh Start

Our number one goal here at Langview Farms will always be to provide you and your family with the best tasting, quality meats for all your mealtime needs. However, wanted to make sure your user experience will always be smooth sailing. So, we enlisted the help of a government funded program called FutureProof through Digital Main Street to help us out!

Our assigned FutureProof team has reworked our:

  • Website
  • Copy
  • Logo

They have also used graphic design platforms to create:

  • Posts
  • Brochures

They have even been assisting us in our digital marketing, using Google and Facebook.

We’ve been able to work closely with the team to provide input, feedback, ideas and to stay true to our brand. Personally, we think they’ve done a lovely job in helping our vision come to life!

While our products and great customer service haven’t changed, we certainly hope to provide you with an even better experience whenever you visit our website or Facebook page! 

Feel free to browse our new and improved website and contact us to place an order!